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Friday, August 15, 2003

Yahoo! Groups : orthodox-convert

I find this group very relaxing, it let's me know I'm not exactly alone. I'm mostly a lurker, though I believe I have posted about 5 times. There are some people who do most of my talking for me. And sometimes the discussions are really discussions I'm having. As an Orthodox Christian, I find that I'm kind of conflicted about the place of the modern world within the church...things like pews, the new calendar and other stuff like that. I just wish that we all agreed, but if I have to agree with someone, I feel it's safer to be conservative. After all, that's really what attracted me to the church: I wanted a church that didn't just change with the times. I found that...mostly in the Orthodox church. Some of the changes are really corrections of past problems like iconographic decadence, western influence...I'm all for those changes. Other changes I guess I'm just skeptical about.
well, here I go. I'm a blogger now. I just couldn't resist. I guess pretty soon I'll have to spill the beans about being a simpleton.

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